Top Attractions in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is one of the best cities in America when it comes to attractions and things to do! That’s probably not a statement that you’re going to hear uttered often. There are a few reasons, however, why it’s accurate. You have a little bit of everything in the area. Some of the top attractions in Baltimore include cultural events, and of course, the city features major sports teams. 

When it comes to looking for where to wine and dine, you’re going to find places here as well. If all else fails, you’re close enough to DC to visit the sites there on any given Sunday. You get all of this without some of the massive crowds of tourists that you are going to find in more “popular” cities across the country. With the intro out of the way, let’s get to the actual top attractions in Baltimore, MD   

Inner Harbor – Tourist Trap?

Inner Harbor is one of the most popular areas in Baltimore. One of the best things about it is that you can access this area from many of the nearby neighborhoods. It’s not like in other places, where you’ll have to cross the entire city to actually get “downtown.”. Why do some tourists and even locals say that it’s a tourist trap? One of the reasons why people can feel this way is because they don’t have a plan on what to do when they get here. 

You can get here take a look at the boats at the doc and the nearby buildings and take all that in. Of course, that’s only going to take up a few minutes of your day at best. The key to enjoying Inner Harbor is knowing what you want to do here or from here. Do you want to go to the Aquarium? 

Maybe you want to hit up one of the nearby restaurants for lunch. You can expect them to be a bit pricer than others around town because of the location, but that’s the same in almost every other city. Another idea is to take a water taxi to different parts of the city. There’s a ton of things to do if you know where to look. If you just come here and stand around, then yeah, you can feel like it’s a tourist trap.      

American Visionary Art Museum

There are plenty of museums and history-related tours around this area. The truth is, a lot of them are underappreciated. With the proximity to DC, some people would just rather get their culture fix from the nation’s capital. While that’s not necessarily a bad idea, you could be missing out on some unique experiences that likely won’t be as crowded. 

The American Visionary Art Museum is one of our favorite spots in the area. It’s a museum that’s going to give guests a chance to spot something unique. Therefore, it’s more likely that everyone in the group will end the day having found something that they liked. If you go on a random weekday, you could potentially enjoy empty halls full of peace and quiet. Let’s just hope there are not too many school field trips planned for that day!   

Amusement Parks

While all the amusement parks in the region aren’t within the Baltimore city limits, they can still be a way to spend the day in the area. The two closest parks are Six Flags of America and Adventure Park USA. Arguably, these are the best of the bunch. There are also parks that are a bit further away. The one big thing about amusement parks in the region, though, is that they may have a short season. That’s something that you want to check out before you arrive here. Even if it’s sunny outside on a particular day, it doesn’t mean that any of the parks are going to be open. If that day falls outside their regular operating months, there’s nothing you can do.    

A Day at the BallPark or a Ravens Game

As mentioned, Baltimore is one of the few cities in America that are home to multiple major sports teams. The Baltimore Orioles are one of the MLB’s most historic franchises. They’ve had to contend with years of championship drought in the past, but they’re usually a competitive squad. That means that you can spend a decent day at the ballpark pretty much any time out. The stadium is very close to the Inner Harbor area. That’s another one of the good things about Baltimore. There are a lot of different attractions within the vicinity of each other. 

Last but not least, it’s definitely worth it to go see a Ravens game if you’re in town. Would you have a good time even if you’re not a big NFL fan? You probably might! There are a lot of things to do around the stadium on game day. If you want to stick around the tailgate area and grab something to eat, that’s an experience within itself. On the field, you’ll likely see one of the top teams in the NFL year in and year out!      

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