The Benefits of Solar Energy for Baltimore Businesses

Admittedly, going solar has turned into a bit of a trend. Homeowners can justify it on various grounds. Ultimately, the solar panels are going to pay for themselves at one point. Plus, using clean energy in the process can make you feel good inside. Where does this leave commercial solar power in Baltimore, though? As a business owner, you can feel great that your company isn’t polluting. If it doesn’t make sense financially, however, this decision could ruin you!

We know that there are many questions about the future of commercial solar energy systems in Baltimore. What we want to do here is go down the line and answer some of the main questions that we get. The ultimate question might be, are there tangible benefits to going solar for local businesses in Baltimore? Let’s start from the top, shall we? 

Commercial Solar Energy is Viable in Baltimore

The first thing that we want to clarify is that commercial solar power in Baltimore is viable. That means that if you install solar panels here, you will harvest enough sunlight to power a commercial building. Baltimore gets 213 sunny days a year. This doesn’t mean, however, that on days when the sun isn’t shining at its brightest, you won’t harvest enough light. Keep in mind that panels only need about 4 hours of direct sunlight a day to harvest at their maximum capacity. 

Also, solar power systems work best under mild temperatures on sunny days. You’d think that having them harvest sunlight in the desert heat of Arizona is ideal, but that actually causes more wear and tear on the system. In Baltimore, you can find those 4 hours of direct sunlight even if there’s snow on the ground that day. On the days when the panels don’t harvest enough, you can either have a battery that allows the building to keep running smoothly or have the system connected to the local grid.       

Tax Benefits on Commercial Solar Power Systems in Baltimore 

Businesses using solar energy can obtain two main forms of tax benefits. One option is to use essentially the same scheme that’s available to homeowners: the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). If the business reports that it added a commercial solar energy system in Baltimore to its facilities in the same year of installation, it can earn 30% of that cost back. That’s like a rebate coupon that businesses can use to lower the initial investment.

The other way that businesses can earn tax credits thanks to installing a solar power system is through the Production Tax Credit scheme. In essence, the PTC option grants the business tax credits for the amount of energy it produces. The company is able to claim these benefits for the first ten years that the system is in place. Usually, businesses can’t apply to both programs unless they install separate systems, even if they power the same building. The PTC option is generally regarded as a great alternative in places that get a lot of sunlight. Baltimore may be a bit on the fringe when it comes to that.  

There are other benefits that businesses can obtain from the government for going solar. These vary depending on the different grants that may be available at the moment. Those can show up at the state and federal levels. In this realm, there’s certainly plenty of upside for Baltimore businesses.               

Seemingly All Sorts of Businesses Can Benefit from Solar Power

One of the main questions that people have surrounding solar panels, in particular, is about space. Does my business have enough space to install these panels? The roof may be in an odd shape, and that makes installing solar panels more of a challenge. These things do come up; it would be wrong to overlook some of these challenges. A company that’s used to installing commercial solar equipment in Baltimore can provide tangible solutions to these issues. Solar panels, for example, don’t necessarily have to go on the roof.  

There are situations where the entire plant just can’t be powered by solar panels. Most of the time, as mentioned, this can be due to a lack of space. Even if that’s the case, you could install a smaller system that generates part of the energy that’s needed to power the place. With the 30% percent tax break and the reduced costs on the electric bill, a solar-powered system could pay for itself in just a few years. 

It Could Even Help Marketing Efforts 

It’s true that not all companies should get on the bandwagon of certain mainstream favorite topics. Going green is one of those things that every company says that they’re doing. In this situation, however, adding solar panels to power a work area is a tangible way that the company helps the environment. This is not to say that companies should alter their marketing efforts to now focus on this. Ultimately, though, it’s something that doesn’t hurt!  

Want to explore more benefits of solar energy? If you’re thinking about installing a commercial solar energy system in Baltimore, talk to Sun Energy Consultants. They can guide you through the process and ensure that you get the most out of the equipment!

John Dix

John Dix

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