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Solar Energy Savings Calculator - How Much You Can Save With Our Baltimore Solar Panel Installation Service

How much will I save by making the switch to solar energy and installing solar panels on my home? Find out the answer to that question right here!

Enter your average monthly electrical bill to see how much you can save:

You could save with

Solar Energy


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Your Monthly Energy Bill

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*Estimate based on a 4.9% cost of electricity annual increase

**System cost, loan term, and monthly payments may vary.

Affordable Baltimore Solar Panel Installation Services

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Zero Money Down Options

We have partnered with providers that offer ZERO MONEY DOWN Baltimore solar panel installation programs, so you can easily start saving now!

Installing solar photovoltaic panel system on roof of house

Receive BIG Rebates & Tax Credits

Local, State, and Federal governments are giving HUGE tax credits to people who go solar in Baltimore and around Maryland! Take advantage now!

Installing solar photovoltaic panel system on roof of house

Save THOUSANDS Every Year

Say goodbye to your energy bill once and for all. Save thousands every single year by utilizing our solar panel installation service.



Sun Energy Consultants

Why choose Sun Energy Consultants?

We are consultants first – aiming to understand your needs and priorities before we build your project. We are a national team, with local experts and specialists throughout the nation dedicated to helping you. We understand all the ins and outs of how going solar will save you from paying thousands of dollars to the utility company. We want to save you money so you can do more of the things that you love to do without paying more and more in energy costs. Our Baltimore solar panel installation program is just what you need to kick off your energy independence!

Reach out to us – no pressure, no tricks, no slick sales pitches. Simple. Honest. Favorable to You. Personalized.

John Dix

President & CEO of Sun Energy Consultants

Systems Installed
Happy Clicents
Client Dollars Saved
Systems Installed
Happy Clicents
Client Dollars Saved
Our Home & Commercial Solar Installation Services in Baltimore
Installing solar photovoltaic panel system on roof of house

Home Solar Installation

Say goodbye to your energy bill forever and get an elite system installed on your home with our Baltimore solar panel installation service.

Commercial Solar System Installation - Sun Energy Consultants

Commercial Solar Installation

Experience the huge benefits of solar with an system installed on your commercial building with our Baltimore solar panel installation service.

Solar System Maintenance Near Me - Sun Energy Consultants

Solar System Maintenance

Keep your current solar system working like it is brand new and generating efficient energy. Ensuring your solar panels are working like a charm is key!

Men workers installing solar panels on roof of house.

Solar System Repairs

Need something repaired? We have you covered! Our team will get you the best price possible.

Male worker in blue uniform outdoors with solar batteries at sunny day

Solar Battery Replacament

Our team will find you the best price on the market for a new battery on your Baltimore home solar energy system!

Zero Money Down Solar Services for Homes and Businesses

Zero Down Solar Energy

Solar energy doesn't have to be expensive! We will help you find a zero money down Baltimore solar panel installation solution so you can start saving now!


Ready To Find Out How Much You Will Save By Switching To Solar?

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Joe S. Solar Client

Reliability was key for us when choosing a solar provider, and Sun Energy Consultants exceeded our expectations. From the initial consultation to post-installation support, the team was professional and responsive. The quality of the solar panels and the installation craftsmanship is evident in the performance—we've had no issues, and our energy production has been consistently excellent. I appreciate the honesty and transparency throughout the process. Sun Energy Consultants is a company you can trust for a reliable and efficient solar solution.

Catherine R. Solar Client

I've been passionate about reducing my carbon footprint, and deciding to install solar panels from Sun Energy Consultants aligned perfectly with my values. The team took the time to explain the environmental benefits and guide me through the entire process. The installation was smooth, and now I take pride in knowing that my home is powered by clean, renewable energy. If you're looking for a solar company that not only cares about the environment but also delivers top-notch service, Sun Energy Consultants is the way to go

Katrina G. Feedback

We decided to switch to solar energy, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to go with Sun Energy Consultants. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Our energy bills have significantly decreased, and we're proud to contribute to a cleaner environment. The entire process was seamless, and we highly recommend Sun Energy Consultants to anyone considering making the switch to solar.

James L. Feedback

As someone always on the lookout for cost-saving measures, choosing Sun Energy Consultants was a game-changer for us. The team provided a thorough analysis of our energy needs and customized a solar solution that perfectly fit our requirements. The installation was quick, and we started seeing the savings on our very first energy bill. The investment in solar panels from Sun Energy Consultants is already paying off, and we're excited about the long-term benefits for our home and our wallet.

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